Group Fitness Timetable

Join us for a huge variety of classes which are set in various workout zones.

You can jump in on our Sin Bin circuit, power your way through Free Lift, work out with a smile on your face while you peddle your heart out on a spin bike, get your Groove on, enjoy a low impact suspension class, box your way through a Fit Box class or relax and enjoy the benefits of one of our various forms of Yoga!  Why not top your workout off with a relaxing session in the sauna?!

We have it all at Freedom :-)



This upbeat high energy practice is an exciting and intense way to reconnect with your body temple! Appropriate for any level, this class awakens your passion joy and bliss while sharing some amazing creative and challenging asanas. Bring on your personal hard core practice, with the coolest of cool down finale.

Beaudesert Functional Fitness


Come and spend 45 minutes in the Sin Bin – it’s functional training at it’s best! You’ll work your whole body while playing with everything from kettlebells to tyres and power bags to pushing a sled – you’ll work up a sweat and love every minute of this circuit class that is great for all fitness levels.

XTrainer board


Have fun while burning fat, building lean muscle and getting fit! Be prepared to take your training to the next stage, suitable for all fitness levels.



Work out your weekly stresses and feel great with FITBOX! Cardio focused, FITBOX is a great workout for all fitness levels using boxing gloves and focus mitts, whilst working in pairs. FITBOX combines different cardio drills as well as punching, kicking and core activities for a great physical workout! FITBOX is an excellent full body session that helps increase your endurance!



A 50 min cycling program geared for anyone that can ride a bike.  Riding stationary spin bikes burns calories and strengthens your body.



Join the united yet unique world of GROOVE! “Dance! Live life your way, on your terms, by your rules, create your own religion, surprise and impress yourself. Set yourself FREE!  Yes it’s possible. But no one is going to do it for you. But we can do it together!” Misty Tripoli



This delicious gentle class is a beautiful way to wind down after a full day’s work! You will feel nurtured and somewhat pampered in this slow flow class. Don’t misunderstand me, there’s a little work to be done, opening up all those tense spots in the shoulders, back and hips, but you will LOVE IT and want more by the end! We will finish up with a short relaxation time and an optional delightful soft massage. You will walk away happy with yourself and ready to embrace the rest of your week!

Vinyasa Yoga


Encompassing all facets of modern Yoga, join us for a fantastic approach to stretching, breathing and being kind to your body! Yoga is extremely beneficial for EVERYONE, from the elite athlete for recovery and performance optimization to Mums and  Dads and Seniors to gain flexibility and minimize aches and pains! Achievable, enjoyable and relaxing, show yourself and your body some love and with YOGA!

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Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in your whole body.  Placing an emphasis on alignment, breathing and core to improve coordination and balance, Pilates allows for different exercises that can be modified so that EVERYONE can achieve great success. Experience the benefit of using foam rollers during this class.



This unique strength based class will have you feeling fitter, healthier and stronger in no time! With simple, functional movements, sing along to your favourite tunes whilst moving your body the way it was meant to!