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Join us for a huge variety of classes which are set in various workout zones.

You can jump in on one of our FREEFIT sessions, power your way through Les Mills BodyPump, Upper BodyPump, Boot Camp or Hump Day Weights. Why not listen to some good tunes while you pedal your heart out on a spin bike in Les Mills RPM, let off some steam in BoxFIT or relax and enjoy the benefits of one of our various forms of Yoga, Mat Pilates you can even add Pilates Reformer training to your membership!

Why not top your workout off with a relaxing session in the sauna or a massage in house?!

Healing Hands Body in Balance offer Massage that will release your muscles and get you feeling in tip top condition ready for your next session – Text/Call Nicole on 0418 115 530 to book.

We have it all at Freedom :-)

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Mat Pilates

MAT PILATES with Nadia &Pam

Work your body and soak up the goodness of this class!

You will be offered a variety of levels for you to get the most out of your session. You will be carefully be guided through a range of movements that will benefit your posture, strength and fitness.


FREEFIT with Janie

Come and spend 45 minutes doing some functional training! You’ll work your whole body while playing with everything from kettlebells to tyres and power bags to pushing a sled and even body weight exercises …  it’s LUCKY DIP! You’ll be sure to work up a sweat and love every minute of this class that is great for all fitness levels.

Boot Camp

BOOT CAMP with Janie

Have fun while burning fat, building lean muscle and getting fit! You will lift, push, pull, box, jump, squat, throw…the list goes on! Suitable for all fitness levels.

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PILATES REFORMER with Jayne, Elaina, Nadia, Pam & Janie

Pilates Reformer develops a strong core by supporting and strengthening the muscles of the torso, hips, shoulders and pelvis. Reformer training gives a full body workout, which in turn improves power, strength, flexibility and efficiency. Every class is different! Every instructor is different!

… your body is different every day and we will train you that way!


Les Mills RPM with Edwina & Angie

This 50 min spin bike program is geared for anyone that can ride a bike.  Les Mills RPM will wrap you up in an awesome playlist that will have you sprinting, climbing and cruising your way through one of the best calorie burns you’ll ever get! Sing along, pedal to the beat and get caught up in the music while lifting your mood.


BOXFIT with Ashley

This is a cardio focused workout for all fitness levels using boxing gloves & mitts. BOXFIT combines boxing combinations, cardio drills as well as core focused activities for a great physical workout!

It’s an excellent full body session that will help improve your fitness and give you a supercharged workout!


Upper BodyPUMP with Edwina

You will give your upper body an awesome BODYPUMP workout in this short and sharp 30 minute class!

You will feel stronger in everyday life, condition your body and love the fantastic tunes Les Mills is known for!

Team this with RPM and your full body workout is complete!


LES MILLS BodyPUMP with Angie

This is THE ORIGINAL BARBELL CLASS, the ideal workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast! Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetitions, BODYPUMP gives you a total body workout with a huge calorie burn!

Flow with Wendy

FLOW YOGA with Wendy

Wendy will work you through a lovely yoga flow that will leave you feeling gently worked, slowly stretched and beautifully relaxed.



This is a weights session that targets your whole body while using free weights, functional and body weight exercises.

You will be safely guided through a workout that challenges you at your level and you will leave feeling proud of yourself! This class with give the confidence to train on the gym floor!

Remedial Relaxation

Remedial Yoga with with Celia

Celia is offering the perfect class for you realign your body and mind. This practice will gently balance your body, finishing with a relaxing Savasana. It is suitable for absolutely all levels.